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FAQ - Часто задаваемые вопросы


At the present moment, users can deposit their choice of 5 supported Cryptocurrencies, including: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), and Atheios (ATH).

There is no minimum deposit. Users can deposit any amount of the supported currencies.

How long will my deposit take to be credited?

While the timing on deposits is largely determined by the congestion and workload of the coins network, Coins will be credited to the users account after 2 network confirmations. Users will receive a notification when there deposit is detection, and a second one when the coins are being credited. Please be patient as you wait for the system to credit your deposit.

Users can use the transaction identification (txid) to track the current status of their deposit on the network.


Withdrawals are instantly processed every 15 minutes. Once the withdrawal is processed, it will be sent to the network. You will receive a notification with a transaction ID once sent, where you can track the status of the withdrawal on the blockchain.

The Minimum withdrawals for each coin are as follows.

Bitcoin: 0.004

Ethereum: 0.04

Litecoin: 0.05

Dogecoin: 2000

Atheios: 500

Users without a deposit in one of our supported cryptocurrencies are not eligible for withdrawal. Depositing in order to withdraw faucet winnings will be regarded as Faucet Abuse.

Withdrawals value over 1 Ethereum / 0.035 BTC / 4 LTC / 50,500 Doge Will Be Sent for Manual Processing to ensure the safety of the users funds.

EtherGamesClub reserves the right to Pay out any withdrawal over 1 Bitcoin (or its equivalent value in other coins) into 10 weekly payments of 10% each.

Chat and chat rules

Chat is available to all registered users. Users have the option to chat in any of the 7 available language rooms, including: English, Russian, Spanish, Brazilian, French, Indonesian, India/Pakistan

Do Not Curse, use CAPS LOCK, Insult others, spam chat, or post referral links.

Do Not Accuse the site of being rigged. EtherGamesClub uses provably fair technology, and the user can verify all of their rolls for accuracy and fairness.

Do Not ask or beg other users for coins or loans.

Do Not Chat with 2 accounts. This will be seen as rain farming.

Listen to and respect the chat Moderators, they are there to help you.

Use the correct language room.

No Discussion of Scamming. This includes, but is not limited to: bots, scripts, bug abuse, or any action with mal intentions against the site, or any of its users.

Do Not comment on rain you did not receive. Do Not Ask for Rain. Do Not Thank Rain Bot. Rain Bot cannot respond to you =]

Do Not complain in chat. If you have an issue, contact support.


Users must be at least lvl 1 to receive rain from our auto rain bot system. All active users in chat are eligable to receive user created rains.


Users have the ability to send other players tips in chat. Minimum tip amounts are as follows:

Bitcoin: 0.00005000

Ethereum: 0.00050000

Litecoin: 0.00100000

Dogecoin: 10.00000000

Atheios: 5.00000000


Although EtherGamesClub has intentions of raising these amounts in the future, the current maximums are as follow

The Maximum Wager is 0.1 BTC = 3 ETH = 12 LTC = 200,000 DOGE = 65,0000 ATH per 1 bet.

The Maximum win is 0.1 BTC = 3 ETH = 12 LTC = 200,000 DOGE = 65,0000 ATH per 1 bet.

House Edge

EtherGamesClub offers a low and competitive house edge of only 1%.


Users may use at most 2 site tabs at the same time.

Self Referred accounts are not allowed.

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    unclesam01:05 PM
    Dylie, I don't have eth I used all of them in bet
  • Profile Picture
    juanp0101:06 PM
    lost all coins :(
  • Profile Picture
    unclesam01:06 PM
  • Profile Picture
    unclesam01:06 PM
    juanp01, who ?
  • Profile Picture
    unclesam01:07 PM
    juanp01, I feel sorry for u
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    Dylie01:08 PM
  • Present bot

    unclesam sent 40.00000000 to unclesambank

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    juanp0101:09 PM
    unclesam, THX MAN :(
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    Kamikaze - 0.00000100

    Savitar - 0.00000100

    andreigis - 0.00000100

    CryptoX - 0.00000100

    benq290 - 0.00000100

    The Wishmaster - 0.00000100

    pahlawanbertopeng - 0.00000100

    mikung - 0.00000100

    Synyster - 0.00000100

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    unclesam01:10 PM
    juanp01, I have u will make more..I earned 0.001 btc from faucet only u can do it
  • Profile Picture
    unclesam01:10 PM
  • Profile Picture
    juanp0101:11 PM
    unclesam, did you do a lot hahahaha
  • Profile Picture
    unclesam01:12 PM
    juanp01, check my win and losses .. my losses are 6x of my wins..
  • Profile Picture
    unclesam01:13 PM
    juanp01, no, I play in where chance is only 2 from 100..but for this u should know when to put big amount so that it falls in green
  • Profile Picture
    juanp0101:16 PM
    unclesam, clear but what strategies do you use
  • Profile Picture
    unclesam01:18 PM
    juanp01, I use small amounts when it looks it will be conitnuos reds I mean I have played in which contnuous reds were more than 100 but once u get green there are many chances that u will get another green after 10 or 12 rolls but it may not
  • Profile Picture
    unclesam01:18 PM
    don't follow my strategy because my way of thinking is different I pull out suddenly
  • Profile Picture
    juanp0101:20 PM
    unclesam, OK MAN THANKS
  • Profile Picture
    ADMINParaDICE01:21 PM
    juanp01, Hey buddy we can all read you fine without the CAPS LOCK
  • Profile Picture
    HEADMODKamikaze01:23 PM
    juanp01, search for strategies in youtube... no strategy works for ever, it deppends on you when, what strategy to pick up and for how long to play it... count the risk for yourself
  • Profile Picture
    juanp0101:26 PM
    ParaDICE, clear friend, sorry
  • Profile Picture
    juanp0101:26 PM
    Kamikaze, if it's worth I want a strategy, all the ones that he played do not suit me, what I do is lose
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    Random present bot sent 1.25000000 to CryptoX

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    HEADMODKamikaze01:29 PM
    juanp01, you need your own expericence buddy... people are using different strategies, but in fact the experience matters
  • Profile Picture
    HEADMODKamikaze01:30 PM
    juanp01, you have to find your own way, watching the dice and learning it will give you the power to win
  • Profile Picture
    juanp0101:35 PM
    Kamikaze, thank you friend because I have time in this and joke that I give him some money, and in the country where I live that I need it urgently I hope to see that the only thing I do is lose
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    HEADMODKamikaze01:40 PM
    juanp01, you have to belive in your luck while playing =]
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    benq290 - 0.50000000

    Ольга - 0.50000000

    ilkon - 0.50000000

    Handder - 0.50000000

    CryptoX - 0.50000000

    andreigis - 0.50000000

    volf111 - 0.50000000

    The Wishmaster - 0.50000000

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    juanp0101:44 PM
    Kamikaze, thanks for those words of truth
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    Patrick2101:49 PM
    Good afternoon guys.
  • Profile Picture
    juanp0101:53 PM
    Patrick21, welcome gl friend
  • Profile Picture
    deadrobby01:57 PM
    could really use some DOGE right now XD
  • Profile Picture
    HEADMODKamikaze02:00 PM
    Dylie is rocking again the duels =D
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    Snow Bot makes a rain! Congratulations to the winners! The lucky players are:

    andreigis - 0.00005000

    ilkon - 0.00005000

    pacoquiche - 0.00005000

    AlbertP - 0.00005000

    Savitar - 0.00005000

    volf111 - 0.00005000

    Elena - 0.00005000

    benq290 - 0.00005000

    Carre99 - 0.00005000

    Handder - 0.00005000

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